About Us


About Critical Ops

Critical Ops is a woman-owned business led by Chelsea Treboniak, a 2006 graduate of the United States Military Academy at West Point. We’re made up of individuals from military, educational, and creative arts backgrounds. Every day, we commit to attacking risks with the highest likelihood of causing severe business interruptions. To meet this goal, we encourage diversity in thought and collaboration to solve problems big and small.


Critical Ops approaches risk from a positive, non-traditional standpoint. We view enterprise risks as an opportunity to break the stereotype. Through our programs, your organization can shape its risk framework to complement your strategic planning process. It is our goal to help you make wiser, more efficient decisions and increase your confidence in maximizing your investments.

We believe people are our most valuable asset. We leverage an experienced staff from an array of demographics with a wide range of knowledge and insight. Our team is dynamic and innovative, making a meaningful impact on every decision, activity, and interaction we have with our customers, colleagues, and business partners.