Cybersecurity Risk Management

Secure the smarter, more connected & mobile digital universe.

Go on the offensive against cyber threats with our cybersecurity assessments, monitoring, and analysis. Schedule a free 30 minute consultation to get started.

Cybersecurity is essential to your business plan.

Security is critical when implementing technology into the workplace. A single breach can result in enormous financial and reputational losses. For many companies, technology is used for different applications across the organization, and managing it is a constant task. Critical Ops offers several options to help empower employees across an organization to be proactive and go on the offense against cyber threats.

Photo depicts person performing a cybersecurity assessment

Cybersecurity Maturity Assessment

Our experts analyze the full scope of your cybersecurity policies and practices to assess your current network or cloud configurations. We meet regularly with your staff to determine any gaps and ensure all information is documented in the initial discovery phase. When the analysis is complete, you will receive a customized cybersecurity assessment that provides actionable steps for implementation.

An image of ipad security to depict continuous monitoring services

Continuous Monitoring

Cybersecurity is an ongoing effort. After the assessment, we continue to build on our relationship by offering continuous monitoring. Our software monitors, detects, and alerts to any threats to your current systems and network, allowing you to react quickly.

Image depicts implementing technology securely on a business network

Software Security

Did you know that almost 60% of organizations work with 1,000 3rd party providers? Visibility into your digital supply chain is more complex than ever. We meticulously review the devices connected to your network and provide a summary of potential vulnerabilities. Make smart, informed purchasing decisions to keep your network secure.

Sustaining Cybersecurity Efforts

As industries modernize, we keep up to date with compliance initiatives, examinations, workflow management, data analytics, and customer relationship management. Our cybersecurity risk management services help develop an architecture that easily adapts to emerging security threats. We want to drive a culture of excellence and innovation by empowering the workforce to be leaders in cybersecurity efforts. 

We drill down to specific company needs and help you complete your system security plan on time and on budget. Get assistance with:

  • Cybersecurity Maturity Assessments
  • Continuous Monitoring
  • Secure Cloud Transitions
  • New Technology Implementation
  • Security Compliance